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Thanks Dr. Welter for giving me my hair back!Jeff N. - Boston, MA
Super nice staff, and awesome results!  I'm feeling younger and more confident.Marty C. Tiverton - RI
I never thought I'd have my eyebrows back and now they look spectacular!Tracy E. - Providence, RI
Seeing Dr. Welter was the best decision of my life.  I look better than I did 20 years ago!Phillip T. - New Haven, CT
My hair looks and feels great.  Thanks so much Dr. Welter and Dr. Tan.Joyce V. - Manchester, NH

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4 Celebrities Who Have Undergone Hair Restoration Surgery

March 18, 2013 @ 02:45 PM — by Ryan Welter

Hair restoration surgery may be a relatively new phenomenon, but thanks to the dynamic results that come from the safe procedure, the solution to thinning hair is already hitting the mainstream. Here are four celebrities who have undergone the process of hair restoration.

1. Louis Walsh

The ‘X Factor’ judge had hair restoration surgery done in late 2011. So pleased with his new head of hair, he gave the number of the British center who performed the procedure to fellow balding judge Gary Barlow. ‘

2. Elton John

The famed English singer was one of the first celebrities to undergo hair restoration. A full head of hair is important when performing in front of millions of people!

3. Wayne Rooney

The star soccer player proudly announced that he had a hair transplant surgery done at just 25 years old. Confidence can be an athlete’s best weapon, so it’s no wonder that Rooney took the step so many men are taking to restore their healthy look.  

4. Gordon Ramsay

The hot-headed chef and star of FOX’s “Hell’s Kitchen” underwent hair restoration surgery in late 2010. Even villains want to look good when they’re on national television! 

Dr. Ryan Welter is the founder of New England Center for Hair Restoration and a leader in the field of hair restoration. Follow him on Twitter @DrRyanWelter

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