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Stimulating Hair Growth

Laser Hair Therapy Boston


Boston laser hair therapy is a non-surgical procedure that is designed to stimulate natural hair growth and improve balding. The hair loss treatment works by applying light to the scalp, so it is considered a painless, non-invasive procedure.

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Laser hair therapy is something that we get a lot of questions about. People come in, they've heard about laser hair therapy, but they don't know exactly what's involved, or how it works. Basically, laser hair therapy is applying a specific laser. It was discovered many years back, and has been refined through time, through better technology to improve results. Basically, what it entails is a patient comes in, and if they're a candidate for laser hair therapy, we can treat them by having them come in for sessions in which they have the laser applied. After those short sessions, after a few weeks, they start to see results, and we continue to treat based on what the results are. Sometimes, the results are phenomenal. Sometimes, the results are not as phenomenal as we'd like, so we have to adjust the laser therapy to meet their needs. The bottom line is that it's a very simple, non-invasive treatment for hair loss that works by applying light to the scalp, which is non-painful. It doesn't cause any discomfort at all, and it's very easy to do. People come in, they relax in a nice, soothing environment, while the laser is applied to the scalp. Short sessions, great results, easy to do. What's the science behind laser hair therapy? It's very simple. You apply the laser to the scalp, the laser penetrates the scalp, helps with the blood flow and blood vessels to get blood back to the follicles to help regenerate the hair. It's actually really very simple. It's about blood flow to the scalp, really. The mechanism and how the laser is working, and that sort of thing, isn't so important to the patient as it is for the doctor, sometimes, to understand it. What is important, the laser works on getting blood flow to the scalp, where it needs to be, and improving the follicular micro environments so that the follicles start to grow hair again. That's where the results come in. When those follicles start to sprout new hair, people don't care so much about how it works, they just happy about the results. It does work, and it's very simple, non-invasive. Like I said before, it doesn't cause any pain, it's really easy to do.