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Hair Loss Treatment Center Boston


New England Center for Hair Restoration, located near Boston, offers hair loss patients an array of surgical and non-surgical solutions to help restore their hair and confidence. With nothing else to lose, you have so much to gain.

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Announcer: Hair loss. For more than 80 million Americans, it can be a day to day struggle but losing your hair no longer is a condition you are forced to live with. Dr. Welter: Because so many people lose their hair under so many different conditions, and it can be very devastating to their lives when they can't have their hair or do the things they want to do or feel they can't go out the way they want to because they feel self-conscience. Announcer: The doctors of New England Center for Hair Restoration have perfected hair transplants to a state of the art procedure, permanently restoring the natural looking hairline you once had and now can have again. Client A: You know, I'm excited about the whole thing. I'm 47 now so I'm hoping that I can stay looking young for a few more years and I think that getting a little bit more hair on my head will help. Announcer: Male pattern baldness, clinically known as androgenetic alopecia, is the most common type of male hair loss. It's caused mainly by genetics, hormonal factors, and can occur over a period of time. Dr. Welter: We work from the diagnostic approach. We talk to the patient, we find out what they've tried before, and then we work hard to diagnose and treat them effectively. Announcer: And it's not just men that are affected by this disease. Unlike hair loss in men, women can start losing hair at any age and in different patterns. Dr. Welter: I have many women patients that come back to me and are so happy because now they can go out without a wig and they were never able to do that before. It's a phenomenal thing to be able to change people's lives like that, simply by just giving them hair. Announcer: Here, at the New England Center for Hair Restoration, their priority is to give you the fuller hair you've always wanted with natural results. Using pioneering methods, with a patient-centered approach, equals a phenomenal outcome. Client B: This procedure that Dr. Welter does, there's very minimal scarring involved in the back. Where these other people, I notice that they've had to go in for scar reductions. I'm just very, very happy with the results and I get compliments about it. I feel good about it so I'm glad I had it done. Announcer: It's never too late to save your hair. Regain your confidence and let the battle of baldness be permanently over. Dr. Welter: Do I love giving hair to people? I love taking care of patients who have problems with hair and want to grow hair and know what to do and answer their questions. Announcer: So what are you waiting for? Call the New England Center for Hair Restoration and stop hair loss today.