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Specializing in Restoring Your Hair and Elevating Your Confidence

The Art of HAir Restoration: A Video PRESENTATION

Performing hair restorations takes a lot of skill, education, and technical knowledge, as well as an eye for artistry. Our Boston hair restoration surgeon takes the task of redesigning a patient’s hairline very seriously and focus a great deal of attention on crafting one-of-a-kind treatment plans that follow specific strategies.

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At New England Center for Hair Restoration, not only will you feel cared for, you will feel cared about. Dr. Welter and his team holds your best interest in mind, so you feel prepared, confident, and assured in every decision you make regarding your hair loss treatment.

New England Center for Hair Restoration is at the very forefront of the hair transplant surgery field, meaning patients from around the globe travel to Massachusetts to have their procedure done. The first stem cell treatment center in the world for hair (2011), we receive patients from countless locations and backgrounds.

The day following surgery and treatments, patients of New England Center for Hair Restoration are asked to come back to the center to have their hair washed and transplanted grafts checked. This process gives the patient both peace of mind and instructions on how to handle their hair in the days following the procedure. Patients then have the option of coming to our center daily for hair wash if they are skeptical in washing their hair after surgery. Our surgery is painless even after the procedure.

Ryan Welter, M.D., Ph. D., Our Hair Restoration Surgeon

Dr. Welter continues work as a pioneer in the field of hair transplant surgery, working to develop new techniques using stem cells to achieve unparalleled results in hair restoration density. His team of professionals has been internationally recognized as the new leaders in the field of hair restoration and stem cells therapy.

In 2005, Dr. Welter founded the New England Center for Hair Restoration and He built a state-of-the-art operating suite designed exclusively for accommodating hair transplant surgery. Several thousand procedures later, Dr. Welter’s patients continue to boast full, natural hair where none existed before. From fuller eyebrows to complete scalp hair restoration procedures, his attention to details and creative technique has lead to unparalleled results.

Dr. Welter obtained his doctorate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Oklahoma State University and his M.D. from the University of Oklahoma. He completed his residency at Brown where he remains a clinical associate professor. Research continues to be very important to Dr. Welter, and he continues to be active in clinical trials through his research company.

Recently, Dr. Welter has started performing stem cells treatment to enhance hair transplant surgery and continues to enroll patients in this milestone research opportunity. He also offers other cell mediated therapies such as platelet rich plasma (PRP) routinely with outstanding results.

As founder and chief surgeon of The New England Center for Hair Restoration, Dr. Welter is board certified, trained and licensed to perform hair restoration procedures for men and women. He is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

Clark Tan, M.D., Our Hair Restoration Consultant

Dr. Tan received his medical degree from Far Eastern University Institute of Medicine. He is a diplomate in both General Surgery and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He finished his surgical residency training in General & Cancer Surgery at East Avenue Medical Center with sub-specialty in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at Makati Medical Center.

Dr. Tan has been doing hair restoration for more than 14 years in New York and is a staff member of New England Center for Hair Restoration. His artistic inclination and attention to details provides the best hair restoration outcome.

DHI Boston

NEhair is the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) location in Boston, Massachusetts. To learn more about DHI, visit their official website.

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Our Hair Restoration Center near Boston is a luxurious, state-of-the-art treatment facility for patients with a disease state of hair loss. Our physicians detect, diagnose, and determine a cause of your hair loss, then configure a customized solution to vastly improve your situation.

Natural Results

All of our hair loss treatments are safe and effective, meaning you will be supremely satisfied with the natural look and feel of your hair restoration. Dr. Welter’s and his team’s artistic ability combined with their accuracy and precision, when extracting and implanting hair follicles, is incomparable. While you will be able to see the noticeable difference in the fullness, thickness, and coverage of your hair, one thing you won’t be able to see is the transplant itself.

Caring about the Details

While surgically implanting individual hair follicles into a designated treatment area, our surgeons masterfully sculpt your restoration into a work of art. Not only does our team map out each individual transplant, they determine the angle and depth at which the follicle should be placed. Dr. Welter is committed to performing each transplant with precision, artistry, and consummate skill. Our goal is to make your hair restoration look completely natural and aesthetically pleasing. Our ability to make incisions that are nearly impossible to detect with the naked eye, carefully close wounds, and camouflage scars has allowed us to achieve an exceptional rate of patient satisfaction.

Committed to Confidentiality

Because convenience and confidentiality are essential when seeking treatment, you can trust that your decision to restore your hair can be kept concealed. Privacy is a high concern for our patients, so we have made it a priority. Your choice to repair your hair is a personal one and our specialists are here to educate you and guide you every step of the way, while protecting you and your privacy.

What We Ask

Prior to undergoing treatment for hair loss, Dr. Welter asks that you:

  • Set and maintain realistic goals for treatment
  • Communicate with them
  • Hold nothing back during your appointments
  • Participate in consultations
  • Be prepared to make potentially life-changing decisions
  • Understand that hair restoration is a journey that we will make together

Top-notch Care

Our hair restoration team believes in the power of communication and understands the important role it plays in patient satisfaction. During your consultation, our team opens the window for an unbiased, objective, comprehensive discussion in which your questions, concerns and objectives relating to treatment can be properly answered. Through your transformation, you will build a quality, long-lasting, professional relationship with our esteemed professionals. Additionally, we care about your comfort, which is why our advanced hair restoration center, near Boston, has a spectacular surgical center that is luxurious, welcoming, and fully equipped with the most revolutionary technology.

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Because convenience and confidentiality are essential when seeking treatment, you can trust that your decision to restore your hair can be kept concealed. Privacy is a high concern for our patients, so we have made it a priority. Your choice to repair your hair is a personal one and our specialists are here to educate you and guide you every step of the way, while protecting you and your privacy.At New England Center for Hair Restoration we do it all, from diagnosis to surgery and follow up appointments. Our talented team doesn’t sell to you, they help you. From the time of your consultation to the moment you restore your hair and regain your confidence, you will feel the support of our specialists. Contact us today to learn more about your surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatment options! We look forward to meeting you, hearing your story, and assisting you on this journey.