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Financing Options Available

Financing Options Boston

NE Hair proudly offers attractive low interest financing through our exclusive partnerships with either Advance Care Credit or Springstone Patient Financing. Financing can be obtained for up to five years, and each website has an online calculator to guide you through monthly payments. You can apply online or negotiate on the phone at each of the company’s 1-800 numbers.

About The Advance Care Card

The Advance Care Card specializes in helping to flexibly finance a number of aesthetic surgeries for patients, including hair restoration. Approved applicants receive a Discover Card that offers them payment in advance. You may apply online and receive a fast credit decision on your application. The approval process is based on your credit score, and if you are not approved or you are not satisfied with the amount of your approval, The Advance Care Card encourages you to visit You may also call The Advance Care Card at 1-800-432-9470

The Advance Care Card encourages you to apply online to see if you are approved for financing. Click the link below to apply for the Advance Care Card.

About Springstone Patient Financing

The Springstone plan offers extended plans and finance amounts from $499 to $40,000. The plans are low-interest and flexible. There is no initial payment, and patients can apply online. Visit the Springstone website to apply and see if you are eligible for financing. You may also call Springstone Patient Financing at 800-630-1663 to negotiate your financing if you are dissatisfied with your initial amount.

When approved by Springstone, you work your payments with the company and they pay us. This process continues throughout your payment plan.

Springstone Patient FinancingSM

Our practice is pleased to offer flexible payment plans from Springstone Patient Financing.

  • No initial payment and no payment for 3-7 weeks
  • Affordable Extended Plans with low fixed rates & low monthly payments
  • 6-24 month Promotional Plans
  • No prepayment penalty

You can calculate potential monthly payment options. Or place an application in a few short minutes, and decisions are typically available in seconds. For more information, just ask our team or visit