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NEhair founded by Dr. Ryan Welter, is at the forefront of hair transplant surgery, cellular and regenerative therapies, and research. Located between Boston, MA and Providence, RI, NEhair currently serves patients from around the world seeking out the latest in clinical research and the best medical and surgical results possible!

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Welcome to New England Center for Hair Restoration

At NEhair, we are committed to getting you the hair you want using the most advanced techniques possible. We have assembled an elite, highly competent surgical team and invest in advanced surgical devices such as the ARTAS robot, and NeoGraft FUE. Our goal is help you have the best experience possible. After our comprehensive evaluation, we walk you through the process and help you understand your hair loss, and what you can do to fight it. You will discover all the tools you need from nutrition counseling, medication or supplements, and hair care education and we will offer you the best options to stimulate hair growth and transplant if necessary.

What Our Patients Say

common problems
for men

  • early thinning
  • advanced hair loss

The use of state-of-the-art technology in combination with our physician’s surgical skills allows us to produce remarkable, natural-looking results. Dr. Ryan Welter has an eye for detail and aesthetics that is evident in their outstanding results and many satisfied patients.

Cell Based Therapy Sets Us Apart

There has been no greater leader in the field of Regenerative Medicine as it applies to hair restoration than Dr. Ryan Welter. Since 2005, Dr. Welter has been researching cell based therapies for growing hair. He pioneered protocols for using platelet rich plasma to stimulate dormant follicles to grow hair using high density platelet concentrates. In 2011, Dr. Welter performed the very first stem cell therapy for hair loss and has since refined this technology with great success. He has traveled the globe sharing his protocols with some of the most prestigious surgeons in the world. Thousands of patients have been able to avoid surgery and grow hair using their own cells thanks this groundbreaking work. Find out today if you are a candidate.

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Outstanding Treatments, Exceptional Results

We are here to address your hair loss needs and work hand-in-hand with you to develop a treatment plan that you feel comfortable with and confident about. We offer a wide variety of hair loss treatment at our Boston area facility, where we cater to both male and female hair loss patients. These treatments include:

What to Expect

During your consultation your will receive an in-depth evaluation, we will discuss your hair loss concerns, and our team will diligently work with you to formulate an optimal restorative solution. We place emphasis on patient education and communication, allowing us to earn your trust and educate you on what to expect before, during, and after a hair loss evaluation and treatment. We want you to feel confident about every decision you make regarding your hair, which is why we will present you with clear information about all of the options open to you, from conservative, non-invasive procedures to advanced surgical techniques.

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Hair loss is something that you do not have to live with. Dr. Welter believes that all of their patients deserve to look and feel their best no matter which stage of life they are in. If you want to change your life dramatically for the better, contact New England Center for Hair Restoration today!