The Only Permanent Solution for Hair Loss

Surgical Hair Loss Treatment

Latest Hair Transplant Techniques

NE Hair is one of the only offices in the whole world doing micro-grafts and mini-grafts. The micro-graft technique gives the patient the most natural looking transplanted hair, especially on the front hair lines. Our facility is equipped with the latest technology in preparing grafts with the least amount of transection. NE Hair also uses a special micro-transplanter for delicate handling of grafts and to minimize the transection of other existing hair follicles in the recipient site.

Surgical Treatments


ACell MatriStem MicroMatrix®

The team at New England Center for Hair Restoration strives to use the latest techniques and innovations in hair transplant surgery for the best patient outcomes possible. Over the years, we have incorporated the use of ACell MatriStem MicroMatrix® — a naturally occurring lyophilized extracellular matrix powder that maintains and supports a healing environment for soft tissue — into our cellular treatments. Our experience and recent studies* show that exposing and soaking the grafts in ACell MatriStem MicroMatrix® yields optimal hair follicular tissue survival, growth and proliferation.

*This study indicates that basement membrane (what ACell essentially is) is integral to developing hair follicles:

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The Only Permanent Solution for Hair Loss