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What Happens When My Hair Surgery Goes Wrong?

If you have previously undergone a hair transplant and are unsatisfied with your results, NE Hair can help you achieve the results you had hoped for with hair restoration revision surgery at our state-of-the-art center. Unsuccessful, unfavorable outcomes from hair transplant surgery often occur because of technical errors, poor planning on the part of the doctor, and unforeseeable complications.

Technical Errors and Complications

If your scalp has a plugged, tightened, cobblestone, or ridged appearance, we can dramatically improve your results using a number of reparative surgical techniques. Technical errors generally occur when a specialist uses sub-standard transplantation techniques. When hair follicles are placed at incorrect angles or inappropriate depths, the newly transplanted hair will grow in the wrong directions and each transplant will look unnatural or pitted.

Our surgeon’s patience, surgical precision, and desire to produce the most natural-looking results is what sets us apart. Every hair follicle extracted, processed, and transplanted is handled with the utmost care and implanted with absolute accuracy. The advanced methods used by NE Hair result in minimal scarring and swelling, and an aesthetically pleasing hairline that is positioned exactly as a natural hairline would be. We identify the unique needs of each individual patient and craft a custom-tailored treatment plan, which minimizes the risk of complications and helps to ensure the best possible results.

Poor Doctor Planning

In some cases, an underqualified, inexperienced doctor can be to blame for an unsatisfying result following hair loss surgery. If your surgeon isn’t properly prepared for surgery, not only can he or she damage your healthy hair follicles, but he or she can prematurely deplete your supply of available, transplantable donor hair prior to the completion of treatment. Planning of the positioning of the hairline using donor hair is a precautionary step that must be carefully performed at the beginning of the surgical process. During this stage, your doctor should anticipate future hair loss and allocate available hair follicles to be placed in the appropriate areas.

Not only does NE Hair have experience and education on our side, we also expresses steadfast dedication to helping patients achieve phenomenal results that can be seen both physically and emotionally. The NE Hair team spends an ample amount of time discussing with patients their cosmetic goals for treatment. Our team attributes much of their success to effective communication with each patient.

Through unbiased discussions they are able to set realistic expectations for the patient, gain a clearer understanding of the patient’s objectives, map out an idealistic hair loss treatment plan, explain, in detail, what to expect before, during, and after treatment, and ultimately achieve desirable results. the NE Hair tram strategically maps out every hair follicle that will be extracted and the placement of each follicle that will be transplanted prior to performing surgery. The NE Hair team wants you to understand what steps will be taken throughout the course of your hair loss journey, which is why they go above and beyond to help you envision what your restoration will look like following treatment.

Benefits of Hair Restoration Revision Surgery

Even if your restoration is successful, most patients require several hair restorations to be performed over the course of several years because of the progressive natural of balding. During hair restoration revision surgery, NE Hair can:

  • Improve the aesthetic of your scalp, hairline, and hair
  • Improve botched hair
  • Conceal scaring that was a result of a former surgery
  • Create a single linear scar that masks multiple incisions that were previously made during your former surgery
  • Extract existing follicles that were miss-placed by your former surgeon
  • Implant new, healthy hair follicles
  • Alleviate the discomfort of a tightened scalp and scar tissue

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